How Data (and some breathtaking soccer) brought Liverpool to the cusp of glory

The club is finishing a phenomenal season — thanks in part to an unrivaled reliance on analytics. (New York Times –

Accelerating the Power of AI with Neural Networks

As virtual home assistants have become commonplace across America, virtual assistants for the enterprise are gaining traction as a prime use case for the predictive capabilities of neural networks and ML algorithms. (AI Trends –

Healthcare Companies Stepping Up Use of AI to Beat Hackers, Eliminate Passwords

health-care systems like hospitals and insurance providers are starting to fight back against ransomware with powerful security tools using AI and machine learning. (AI Trends –


Miscellaneous Links: 

  • Facebook is dabbling with robotics to improve its AI efforts. More
  • The OECD has announced five “democratic principles” for AI development. More
  • Autonomous Technologies: A Force For Good? More

Further Reading: 

  • Non-delusional Q-learning and value-iteration. More
  • Recurrent World Models Facilitate Policy Evolution. More
  • Grasp2Vec: Learning Object Representations from Self-Supervised Grasping. More

  • Artificial Intelligence & The Future of Warfare. More

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